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Little Spices Saskatoon: Where Every Dish Tells a Flavorful Story!
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Butter Chicken Poutine

Crispy french fry with butter chicken sauce, top on cheese

Pani Puri

Round Hollow Puri, fried chrispy stuff with potato, mixture of flavoured water, Tamarined sauce


Mixed with fresh onions and Green chutney, tamarind sauce sweet yogurt

Veg Spring Rolls

Made with Vegetables spiced veggies are filled in wrappers


Crispy french fries toast with Honey Garlic sauce

Papdi Chaat

Mixed wafers served with chick peas, potatoes, green chutney and tamarind sauce


Homemade cheese dipped in chick flour batter and deep fried serve with green chutney

Veggie Pakora

Tiny sliced vegetables, marinated with chick flour and India spices


Fresh Potato, stuffed with green peas


Made with chick flour and spices


Toast with Honey Garlic sauce

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